Eight Fashion Trends for AW17

If you’re a keen follower of fashion, you might want to know what the hottest trends are in menswear for this autumn and winter. We’ve put together eight key concepts for you to take away.

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Moss green is a trend for this time of year. Subdued like the season, it’s still colourful enough to look good either against a dark suit or in casual wear. Think about the shade of a parka or military coat. Pair it with jeans for a night out, or wear it in a cashmere jumper for the day.

Do You Feel Me?

Men’s designer clothes this season are as much about the feel as the look. Whether it’s woven fabrics like herringbone or the warmth of a boiled wool coat, there’s plenty to get your hands on.

All White

You might think you only wear white in the summer, but it’s making a comeback in winter – not in the crisp lines of linen but in heavy wool coats and turtle-neck sweaters. Just don’t spill your coffee on it.

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The bad news on this trend is that the 1990s are now considered vintage. So if you’re over 30, you’re probably crying about now. The good news is that this is an update of some of the best parts of the style – leisurewear and trainers paired with more formal clothing, merged together to make a great street style.

Eye-Catching Knits

Whether it’s bold uses of colour, pattern or an eye-catching slogan, this may be the one and only time you read an article about provocative knitwear. Don’t fade into the background.

Coloured Suits

Forget black, grey and navy: this year’s tailoring is more colourful. Not necessarily vibrant (though it’s out there if you want it) but brown, beige and …

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Things to Look For When Choosing a Girl’s Dress!

Girl clothes – Clothes are the basic needs of every person in everyday life. For that when having children, buying clothes should be added in your shopping list. The shirt that the child uses will shape his personality, so choose the best outfit for your children, especially the clothes for girls. Because girls should look attractive and look fashionable compared to boys. If you want to buy a gift for your children you can visit Bela Pequena Vestidos de Festa Infantil

Choosing a girl’s dress is easy – it’s hard especially if your child is good at making his own choice. Thus you should know tips and tricks when shopping for girls clothes so that the activity becomes a fun thing.

Tips and tricks to buy girls clothes

  1. Choose the right and safe material for the child, pay attention to the best material for the child’s clothes. Do not choose synthesis and dangerous materials, usually the price determines the quality of the shirt.

  1. Customize your child’s clothing model with age, do not choose a child’s clothes with adult models because the child has a world that is different from our world.

  1. Do not choose clothes that are open and tight, give the child dress with a polite model but still fashionable.

  1. Do not just tempted by the discount price, remember the price is very decisive quality. You must be smart to choose a girl’s clothes. Adjust the price and quality.

  1. Children are synonymous with cheerfulness to choose a child’s outfit with bright colors with flower motifs and child’s favorite characters.

  1. Teach children not to be arrogant despite using import-quality clothes because many children out there who can’t buy the imported clothes may not even be able to buy new clothes.

Those are some tips and tricks you should pay attention …

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Helpful Tips and Tricks to Save You Money and Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank

We all know someone who is impeccably dressed. No matter what the occasion is they always show up dressed to impress and looking their best. No matter where they go they always command attention. Their exceptional sense of style may leave you feeling like you need to upgrade your wardrobe. Upgrading your wardrobe can be a daunting task. You may find yourself wanting to pull your own hair out and scream “how can I upgrade my wardrobe without breaking the bank and dipping into my savings account”. Fret no more! Thankfully this helpful guide will give you some real-world tips and tricks for saving money the next time you go shopping for a new wardrobe. Follow some of this excellent advice the next time you need help.



Purchasing Garments Online Can Save You Time and Money

While heading to your nearest mall is definitely the easiest way to find new clothing it is certainly not the cheapest. Physical store fronts offer all the convenience of being able to walk up to a garment and thoroughly inspect it before buying it. You can even try it on before you buy it. All of this convenience comes at a cost to the consumer though. You can routinely find better deals from the online component of the store you are shopping at if they have one. Need some new perfume? Head on over to jcpenny.com. Need a new pair of athletic shorts? Dicks.com should be your first stop. Need a new pair of ear rings? rue 21 will be able to meet your needs.

Consider Going to A Consignment Shop for Huge Savings

If you are in the market for a new outfit a consignment shop is a great place to go to get fantastic savings. Consignment shops purchase lightly used …

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