OOTD Fashion Tips For Your Instagram Photos to Add Okay

Photo hobbies are now increasingly prevalent, especially with the development of social media such as Instagram. This is further reinforced by communication technology innovations offered by manufacturers of gadgets and smartphones. People can easily take pictures through favorite devices to upload on social media.

Those who often use popular Instagram social media, are certainly very familiar with the term OOTD. What is OOTD? OOTD stands for outfit of the day, which is the clothing that people wear on that day. At present, OOTD has become a phenomenon that is increasingly loved by many people, especially teenagers and adults who love the fashion world. Fashion fans are often referred to as fashionistas, of course, are very keen to pay attention to every fashion product worn by their friends, artists and celebrities on Instagram.

The presence of popular people who hits on Instagram, commonly referred to as Selgram, is a new favorite in cyberspace. The celebrities usually have very many followers up to thousands. Thanks to his passion for uploading OOTD fashion photos, not infrequently the gamers were looked at by online shops to promote or advertise their fashion products. Of course it is a blessing for celebrities.
How to make cool and contemporary OOTD photos? If you notice, OOTD photos don’t only show people who are wearing clothes. There are other things that make OOTD photos look more beautiful. For example, the background (where the picture is taken) in the spot hits that are Instagram-able or in a place that is not mainstream can you choose. For indoor spots, you can take place in cafes, parking buildings, restaurants, villas or hotels. As for outdoor, there are a number of spots that can be used, namely fields, highways, forests, beaches, mountains and bridges.
In addition, there are other OOTD fashion photo tips …

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The Evolution of Jewelry Over the Years

People have long aspired to engage in personal expression. Over the years, people have sought out ways to adorn their bodies. Many people love using jewelry to do so. The history of jewelry includes many cultures and continents. It also continues today. It’s possible to look at the history of jewelry and realize how much has changed as well as how little. Trends that once popular back centuries ago are still influencing the way that people think about jewelry in the contemporary world.

Technical Development 

Over time, humans have learned how to use technology to get results. At Mitchum Jewelers, they appreciate both fine art and craft. Many years ago, jewelry was all about the use of craft. Jewelers took raw materials such as diamonds and gold and shaped them using the tools of the day. They had some idea about how to mine a precious stone and bring out from the earth. They also knew what to do with the stone once it was removed from the earth. Many jewelers would rely on standard patterns such as ovals and squares to create settings for the stones. Popular shapes included rose cut diamonds that were designed to help show off the beautiful diamond on a ring.

Starting at the Top

While jewelry today is a luxury that many can afford, it was not quite the same for many years. Large pieces of jewelry, for example, were often reserved for royalty and the nobility. A French king or Chinese emperor might seek out the finest stones on the planet and then have them fashioned into dazzling pieces to impress the court. Many royalties liked to experiment with different kinds of stones. Sapphires might be popular one season and then jade or rubies the next. The nobility would follow suit, taking …

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Eight Fashion Trends for AW17

If you’re a keen follower of fashion, you might want to know what the hottest trends are in menswear for this autumn and winter. We’ve put together eight key concepts for you to take away.

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Moss green is a trend for this time of year. Subdued like the season, it’s still colourful enough to look good either against a dark suit or in casual wear. Think about the shade of a parka or military coat. Pair it with jeans for a night out, or wear it in a cashmere jumper for the day.

Do You Feel Me?

Men’s designer clothes this season are as much about the feel as the look. Whether it’s woven fabrics like herringbone or the warmth of a boiled wool coat, there’s plenty to get your hands on.

All White

You might think you only wear white in the summer, but it’s making a comeback in winter – not in the crisp lines of linen but in heavy wool coats and turtle-neck sweaters. Just don’t spill your coffee on it.

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The bad news on this trend is that the 1990s are now considered vintage. So if you’re over 30, you’re probably crying about now. The good news is that this is an update of some of the best parts of the style – leisurewear and trainers paired with more formal clothing, merged together to make a great street style.

Eye-Catching Knits

Whether it’s bold uses of colour, pattern or an eye-catching slogan, this may be the one and only time you read an article about provocative knitwear. Don’t fade into the background.

Coloured Suits

Forget black, grey and navy: this year’s tailoring is more colourful. Not necessarily vibrant (though it’s out there if you want it) but brown, beige and …

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