Designer Swimwear

Designer swimwear is one area of fashion where design houses seem to never run out of ideas and inspiration. Each and every fashion designer that specialises in swimwear is one that shows remarkable creativity in the way that other types of clothing cannot. If you think about sportswear, for example, there are plenty of big names that are known for creativity, but with the items needing to be streamlined and efficient, big broaches and sequins rarely get a place in the final cut. Designer swimwear, however, can easily be among the most desirable and beautiful items of clothing you have ever seen, check out the latest designer swimwear fashions here, at UKSwimwear today.

But swimwear is used for swimming in, so isn’t it just the same as designer sportswear? Don’t you need it to be streamlined. Some of it is, but there are a few differences in their use too. A lot of swimwear that is made for fashion purposes is rarely used for swimming. Fashionistas love well designed items of swimwear for their own sake, and although not everyone shops like this, those who prefer spending their time relaxing on the beach with a book or at the beach cafe with a pina colada rather than doing a serious workout in the pool or snorkelling often order a designer swimsuit for the beauty of the design itself.

Another reason that a lot of designer swimwear is able to be a little more embellished than the rest of your sportswear is that its doing a different kind of sport. Moving through the water is all about meeting resistance, and with some more embellishments on your swimwear, it’s not as detrimental to your workout as it is to have something cumbersome on your leggings whilst you do yoga.

So who should you look out for if you want a new designer swimwear item? Well, there are a few names such as MaryanMehlhorn, VacanzeItaliane, and Pierre Mantoux. But above all we would recommend Gottex. Year after year, Gottex are handed awards and show their work off at shows to unbeatable praise and applause.

Gottex are easily the world’s best known fashion brand when it comes to designer swimwear. Gottex makes some of the biggest collections, and yet they are the highest quality and the most creative, no matter how many items they do. They never seem to be watered down by quantity over quality, and the work that Gottex does is admire by all.

This designer, and all the others we mentioned above, put quality and creativity first. Their designs are never plain or boring and they all make sure that they will last and be flattering as a swimsuit in a great colour is no good if it doesn’t compliment your figure or fit comfortably.

So if you want some world class designer swimwear, look no further than the beautiful item made by Gottex and other high quality names from Italy, France and Britain.