Fashion recommendations suitable for the beach

Girls are one of God’s creatures who are always complicated with matters of clothing. Yes, even though there are many that don’t, but the majority is definitely yes. You who feel complicated girls must have felt, how confused you are to choose the right costume when you go to the beach.
Or perhaps you have experienced a wrong choice of costumes when you go to the beach with a crush? Duh, I think you should really read the fashion recommendations that are suitable for the next beach. So that other times don’t get confused or even get the costume wrong again.

1. You can start by choosing a boss that is comfortable, so it doesn’t limit your movements

The beach is always synonymous with hot weather, so you must be smart to choose a comfortable boss costume. Well, the material that is suitable to be brought to the beach is cotton. Because this material is quite cold even though it is used in a hot weather. And again this material tends to absorb your sweat more easily. So you are more comfortable moving without worrying about your sweat everywhere.
It would be better to avoid hot clothes like wedges, polyester, or chiffon. Usually the ingredients will be a little hot when used and less good at absorbing sweat.

2. Choosing a boss with white you should avoid

Why do I recommend avoiding white clothes? Because this color will show your underwear when you are wet. You don’t want to be the center of attention with clothes that are dreamy and translucent. Especially if you are wearing a hijab, do not ever choose clothes with white.

3. For the solution, choose clothes with pastel shades or bright colors

Now because you have to cross the white color from the list, then the pastel or bright colors can make you the right choice. You can play with bright colors like blue, Tosca green, or pink. Bright colors with pastel nuances can also be used. Just adjust to skin color with matching clothes. But remember yes, still choose clothes that are made of cotton.

4. Loose bottoms are better than tight jeans

Because I have experienced myself how tortured it is to travel to the beach in jeans, so I suggest not to copy this. Jeans will be heavy and become tighter when exposed to sea water. In addition, if you are hit by the waves of these jeans, you will catch more sand. This could make your skin blister due to the friction of the sand and your tight jeans.
As an alternative, you can use harem pants. This type of pants made of cotton and loose so it will be more comfortable.

5. Even though you are traveling to the beach, you can still use the long dress

Choose a long dress with a shirt or cotton material to keep it comfortable. If you are a graceful and feminine type of girl, the choice of long dress can be applied to costumes to the beach. You only have to adjust the type of dress you are going to use. Choose a dress with t-shirt material to make it more relaxed.
Avoid dress with chiffon because it is easily blown by the wind, hot and also too formal. Also make sure to wear leggings to stay safe when your dress is in the wind.

6. Besides being more relaxed, jumpsuit will also make you more fashionable when on the beach

Want to look more fashionable when you go to the beach with a crush you don’t need to bother. Jumpsuit with bright colors can you make the right costume choice. If you only have a jumpsuit that isn’t armed, you can add a cardigan as an outer. Guaranteed to be more relaxed and fashionable.