How to Get a Professional Looking Non-Damaging Manicure Using Powder Nail Polish

Are you the type of person that enjoys looking polished and put together on a regular basis? Do you like to go that extra mile and ensure you’ve always got a fresh looking manicure? While a manicure is definitely a great way to finish off your look it can be costly, time-consuming, and damaging to you nails if you’re having products such as acrylics applied. So how can you get that same look of a professional looking manicure at home for less money and without damaging your nails? The answer is powder nail polish, which uses next generation technology. Let’s take a closer look.

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What is Powder Nail Polish?

If you’ve never heard of powder nail polish, not to worry as this is a relatively new product that is using next generation technology. The product was created in order to provide nail professionals with a product that was healthy and safe to use, over the traditional acrylic nails. The goal was to create shine, protection, and length to a person’s natural nail.

Thus the Revel Nail Dip Powder System was born. This system was created by nail professionals who had spent years in the business and were well aware of where the current products were lacking. After spending decades seeing first-hand just how damaging acrylics can be on a person’s nails and nail bed, it was clear to them that another solution was necessary.

Dip Powders work by adding length, shine, and protection to the nail in a fraction of the time and without the strong odor that is common with monomer. When it’s time to remove the product, the soaking time is also a fraction of what acrylics require.

The system uses a combination of bases and powders to build up the look. Once completed a fine hand file is used to create the desired shape and length. The final step is to apply a finish gel which sets the manicure in as little as one minute. There is no UV light required in the process, which makes it easier and more cost-effective for professionals to use and for those looking to use the system at home.

What are the Top Benefits?

While some of the benefits have already been discussed, there are still many more to using dip powder for your manicure. Additional benefits include:

  • A massive color selection as there are 280 colors available. This means you’re sure to find the colors you’re after, whether it be bold or more natural looking.
  • The product is flexible and lightweight so you won’t feel like your nails have a heavy coating on them.
  • There is absolutely no odor with the product, which is ideal for those who are sensitive to smell or have small children around.
  • The product is non-toxic.
  • Once applied, the shine will stay on your nails until you remove the product. It is maintenance free and you won’t have to worry about chipping and cracking. It’s even water resistant.
  • The color won’t fade or change since it is non-porous.
  • There is no primer needed yet your nails won’t yellow underneath.
  • The product is enriched with vitamin E and calcium, which helps to strengthen your nails.
  • The product is environmentally-friendly.
  • The powder can stay on your natural nails for up to eight weeks, which extends the wear-time of your manicure drastically.
  • It takes much less time to apply, about one third of the time that it takes to apply acrylics.
  • The process itself is similar to applying gel polish, but the removal process is easier and healthier on your nailbed.

Putting Together a Starter Kit

If you’re looking to put together a starter kit at home so you can start doing your own manicure, then you’ll need the powder and the five key liquids. These are the prep, probase, activator, finish gel, and brush softener. The color comes in the form of a powder.

How to Improve the Look of Your Manicure

Even though the product is simple to use, there are still some added steps you can take that will help improve the look of your manicure. First you will want to be sure you’re using a good quality moisturizer on a regular basis. This will keep your skin looking and feeling great. A cuticle cream is also a great addition to your routine. Keep your cuticles pushed back and tidy looking, especially before applying any products to the nails, and keep your nails shaped at all times.