OOTD Fashion Tips For Your Instagram Photos to Add Okay

Photo hobbies are now increasingly prevalent, especially with the development of social media such as Instagram. This is further reinforced by communication technology innovations offered by manufacturers of gadgets and smartphones. People can easily take pictures through favorite devices to upload on social media.

Those who often use popular Instagram social media, are certainly very familiar with the term OOTD. What is OOTD? OOTD stands for outfit of the day, which is the clothing that people wear on that day. At present, OOTD has become a phenomenon that is increasingly loved by many people, especially teenagers and adults who love the fashion world. Fashion fans are often referred to as fashionistas, of course, are very keen to pay attention to every fashion product worn by their friends, artists and celebrities on Instagram.

The presence of popular people who hits on Instagram, commonly referred to as Selgram, is a new favorite in cyberspace. The celebrities usually have very many followers up to thousands. Thanks to his passion for uploading OOTD fashion photos, not infrequently the gamers were looked at by online shops to promote or advertise their fashion products. Of course it is a blessing for celebrities.
How to make cool and contemporary OOTD photos? If you notice, OOTD photos don’t only show people who are wearing clothes. There are other things that make OOTD photos look more beautiful. For example, the background (where the picture is taken) in the spot hits that are Instagram-able or in a place that is not mainstream can you choose. For indoor spots, you can take place in cafes, parking buildings, restaurants, villas or hotels. As for outdoor, there are a number of spots that can be used, namely fields, highways, forests, beaches, mountains and bridges.
In addition, there are other OOTD fashion photo tips that need to be considered, such as techniques or shooting angles, composition, lighting, poses and more. Now, for the process of taking pictures, you can ask for help from friends or other people to take your OOTD photos. This is important so that you can be more flexible in posing and the fashion clothes you use look more clearly.
OOTD Fashion Tips Let Instagram Feeds Get More Hate and Present

1. Fashionable fashionable clothes

It’s called OOTD, aka the outfit of the day, so you have to wear fashionable clothes and as modest as possible. Even though it’s fashionable and fashionable, it doesn’t mean you have to wear the latest expensive clothing models. You can wear clothes that are simple or casual, as long as you have confidence when in front of the camera.

2. Attractive pose & gesture

Exploring interesting poses or gestures (gesture) is a must if you don’t want to die style. As a result, your OOTD fashion photos are more dynamic and attractive. For inspiring cool poses, you can see and imitate the style of celebrities or famous artists. Even though it’s stylish or posing in front of a camera that’s important, you need to be yourself.

3. Angle & composition accordingly

In order for your OOTD photos to be more perfect, it’s a good idea to practice shooting techniques. There are a number of shooting angles that you can use, such as low angle, high angle, eye level, frog view or bird view so that your OOTD Instagram photos are more varied and not like that. The shooting angle used needs to pay attention to the desired concept or photo. For example, if you want to look parallel to the subject, the technique used is eye level. The trick, namely by placing the camera parallel to the subject’s eyes.

4. Unique background

The desire to take pictures with OOTD clothes in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France that is not accomplished does not mean the end of everything. You still have hope and the chance to get beautiful OOTD photos by exploring places that are not mainstream around you. For example, under bridges or fly over that you often ignore, it turns out to be a unique and interesting background.

5. Time to take photos

Good photos are determined by sufficient lighting. The times commonly used by professional photographers are in the morning or evening or also called the golden hours. At that time, natural light from sunlight was not so strong that the resulting photo was better. To add or adjust lighting, you can use flash if necessary.