The Benefits and Risks of Liposuction

There are many terms that are associated with Liposuction, this includes Lipoplasty or fat modelling, Liposculpture, or in shorter terms Lipo. Although, the terms Liposuction, Lipoplasty, and Liposculpture differ in some ways they still entail fat removal. Liposuction, as what we commonly call it, is a cosmetic surgery operation that can remove fats from the different areas of the body. Most people who want to undergo Liposuction want to extract the fat away from the neck, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back of the arms, and practically elsewhere where there are great fat deposits.

Because of the popularity of Liposuction, many people especially those who find it difficult to manage their weights and body fats want to undergo Liposuction surgery. However, Liposuction is not accessible for everybody since the cost is not that affordable. Sometimes, there are several factors that can limit the amount of fat that can be removed in one session, thus fat removal may need several sessions — the more that it will become more costly.

On the other hand, no matter how costly Liposuction is, it is still one of the accessible surgeries that some individuals want to avail. There are several benefits of Liposuction that can still encourage people to undergo one, these are:

It is safe and effective

Liposuction compared to other fat removal and other surgical procedures is safer and more effective and it can easily be combined with other techniques in cosmetic surgery.

It gives improved health performance

Since Liposuction extracts the fats away from your body, it has overall good effects to your system. Most, if not all, doctors agree that weight loss or fat loss is the best way to lessen the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancers, and other diseases that are associated with excess weight and sugar problems. Liposuction has its limits, but it can help remove up to 10 pounds of stubborn fats — those fats that resist diet and exercise.

Although uncommon, Liposuction can also give benefits to those who are in need of breast reduction. This type of surgery is often used when disproportionate large breasts can cause health problems such as migraines, headaches, back pains and even neck pains.

It enhances appearance

People who have low self-esteem due to their inability to manage their weight properly can now move on to a normal life. Liposuction also offers body smoothing and contouring effects by the simple virtue that one can fit into his or her clothes and feel better. Patients who undergo Liposuction with Dr Scamp cosmetic plastic surgeons Gold Coast can even find themselves joining in activities which they normally shied away.

It removes fat effectively

Fat has never been bad for the body. In fact, fat cells are designed to store unused energy for the body for survival purposes, insulation from cold, shock absorption, and the body’s source of emergency fuel. However, the specific areas of the body where fat is stored primarily depends on one’s body type and genetics. Liposuction is a very effective surgery for those who want to remove unwanted pockets of fat accumulated disproportionately in different areas of the body that contribute to more undesirable appearance.

It removes cellulite

Cellulite build up is caused by the fat cells which are pushed through the collagen connective tissues which are directly beneath the skin’s surface making a dimpled appearance or giving a cottage cheese look. The appearance of cellulite is not related to the amount of body fat a person has; it is even common to healthy people and even underweight people. However, cellulite is more common to women since women do not have tighter collagen mesh patterns compared to men. In this way, liposuction aids in cellulite removal in both men and women but it is not a permanent cure to cellulite. Since cellulite removal is dependent on many factors including genetics, one cannot expect that liposuction can 100{0fd0ce1215de9ed498eb4652386846d1705a82e31a71fe85b29bdfdbe6823732} eliminate cellulite from the body.

Now as benefits are mentioned above, there are also risks associated with Liposuction, these are:

Liposuction is costly

Not all people can afford Liposuction. Sometimes, one session is not enough to thoroughly remove fats from the body and it entails more costs for multiple sessions.

Excessive removal of fats can cause lumps and dents

Sometimes, if done excessively, Liposuction can cause lumpiness and dents around the area being treated. The more fats that are removed from the body, the more risks it entails.

Allergic reaction to medications and materials used during surgery may arise

There might be a tendency of an allergic reaction from the patient once the medications are applied and/or once the materials have been used to the body. This may result to complications and undesirable results.

Problems may arise during the insertion of the cannula

The cannula if not inserted properly can cause damage to the tissues beneath the skin which may show up as a spotted appearance on the skin’s surface. On the other hand, since the surgeon cannot see the cannula, sometimes it can damage the internal organ. However, experienced surgeons will unlikely puncture an internal organ.