The Evolution of Jewelry Over the Years

People have long aspired to engage in personal expression. Over the years, people have sought out ways to adorn their bodies. Many people love using jewelry to do so. The history of jewelry includes many cultures and continents. It also continues today. It’s possible to look at the history of jewelry and realize how much has changed as well as how little. Trends that once popular back centuries ago are still influencing the way that people think about jewelry in the contemporary world.

Technical Development 

Over time, humans have learned how to use technology to get results. At Mitchum Jewelers, they appreciate both fine art and craft. Many years ago, jewelry was all about the use of craft. Jewelers took raw materials such as diamonds and gold and shaped them using the tools of the day. They had some idea about how to mine a precious stone and bring out from the earth. They also knew what to do with the stone once it was removed from the earth. Many jewelers would rely on standard patterns such as ovals and squares to create settings for the stones. Popular shapes included rose cut diamonds that were designed to help show off the beautiful diamond on a ring.

Starting at the Top

While jewelry today is a luxury that many can afford, it was not quite the same for many years. Large pieces of jewelry, for example, were often reserved for royalty and the nobility. A French king or Chinese emperor might seek out the finest stones on the planet and then have them fashioned into dazzling pieces to impress the court. Many royalties liked to experiment with different kinds of stones. Sapphires might be popular one season and then jade or rubies the next. The nobility would follow suit, taking their cue from the king or emperor. They too would wear jewelry that was in the fashion of the season. Then, they might have pieces reset as the fashion changed the next year. Jewelers want to help please the king so they might present him with a vast array of items to pick from each season.

Everyone Else 

Over time, many people become more exposed to the court and those at the top. People were given access to more print media they learned of court life. Realizing the demand, jewelers began to create pieces that were more affordable. People rushed to buy small pieces that were just like those they saw in the fashion magazines. The net result was the development of quality pieces that were also highly affordable to the average consumer. Today, customers are still very happy to find lovely jewelry designed to their personal taste and specific budget.