Zipper Chain by the Yard from Zipper Shipper Supplies

There are instances when one needs to buy a continuous zipper that has no stops. This means that they can use this zipper for their own customized lengths. These zippers are what known as zipper chain by the yard, meaning that they are sold by length. You can find a variety of these types of zippers on our website. Just visit and make an order for the most suitable zipper chain that you require.

We stock many types of zipper chains such as nylon coil zippers, brass zippers, coil zippers that are water resistant and many others. All these will be sold to you based on the length that you require. We also stock the corresponding zipper pulls that are sold individually. For your information, these zippers are good for people who want to make long zippers for your cushions, garment bags, and pillows. You can always ask for customized long zippers for your various needs.